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I'm your social-media marketing

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The Promised Land

Seamless Integration

Rocco fits seamlessly into your Slack team and with your existing workflow. Your whole team has access to Rocco on any channel they choose.

AI Optimized Content Creation

Rocco learns the ins-and-outs of your business and brand voice. Rocco will suggest fresh content that your followers are likely to engage with. Spend less time coming up with content strategies and crafting social-media posts. Sit back and watch your engagement skyrocket. :)

Analytics + Insights

Learn how your social media engagement drives your bottom line. Rocco will update you on which campaign formulas are working. See which content pieces have the best reach, engagement, shares, and clickthroughs.

Rocco Plans

7 Day Free Trial 7 Day Free Trial 7 Day Free Trial
Monthly Price $15 $49 $95
# of Social Accounts 1 per platform 10 total 100 total
Posts per Month 25 50 100
Custom ML Model
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